Inspection Services

Residential Home Inspections

In our residential home inspection, I will conduct a thorough visual evaluation of a property’s readily accessible areas. If the roof is too steeply-pitched or otherwise too dangerous to be considered readily accessible, I have an advantage. I use a camera equipped small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) to take us where a ladder safely can’t

Pre-Listing Inspection

If you’re getting ready to put a home on the market, scheduling a Pre-Listing Inspection can prevent problems from arising once a prospective buyer has taken interest in your property. When we perform a Pre-Listing Inspection, we’ll assess a home for deficiencies and deliver a comprehensive report so that you’re able to address the findings at your discretion before you list the home.

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Investment Property Inspection

Are you a property investor needing to determine a property’s potential? 

Our Investor 5 Point Property Inspection is a condensed version of our whole home inspection focusing on the properties ” big-ticket ” systems and components.

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Our 5 Point Inspection assesses the following components of your property:






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Roof Inspection

There are many different reasons a roof may be deemed too unsafe to inspect by actually walking on, and unable to be inspected. Rather than hiring a roofing contractor to assess the roof’s condition, we recommend hiring a third-party that wont’t look to disproportionately profit. By using our camera-equipped SUAS to reach inaccessible roofing systems, we’re able to carefully inspect a roof just as if we’d climbed the ladder.

Aerial Inspections